Dirk M. Hellmuth

Welcome to my Website,

Thank you for your interest in my business consulting and project management services. In order for you to have a better understanding of who I am and what I do, allow me to briefly introduce myself:

I am a creative problem-solver with a diversified background and a decade of overseas experience under my belt. My interest is business development in general, and services marketing in particular.

I spent almost 10 years living and working in Asia, mostly in Singapore. In my capacities as Sales Consultant, General Manager and Project Director with a focus on business development as well as technical sales & service, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients and customers ranging from entrepreneurs, small businesses, multinational corporations to government bodies and institutions in Asia. This has provided me with a broad and international set of experiences and skills, and has also familiarized me with the culture and mentality of one of the fastest growing market places in the world.

As a result of my international exposure, I have developed an integrated perspective on business development, which is now the foundation of my consulting approach. This allows me to support my clients in dealing effectively and creatively with their business challenges in the areas of strategic marketing, brand-building and new business development.

My work experience is complimented by an international business degree as well as various professional certificates.

My guiding principles are diligence, integrity, reliability, and knowledge. In addition, I always look at the collaboration with my clients as long-term partnerships based on the premise of mutual respect and trust.

Do get in touch with me for further information on how I may help your company succeed:

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