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My name is Dirk M. Hellmuth. I help small and medium-sized enterprises optimize their existing marketing strategy and make it more efficient in order to improve their visibility and perception in the marketplace as a service provider, employer, and business partner of choice.

With my services I help you build your company's brand, and develop a holistic marketing-concept as part of a successful and sustainable business development strategy.

Feel free to contact me for a further discussion about my business services and how I might be able to help your company succeed.

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What do you want to achieve?

Optimizing your existing marketing helps you to achieve different objectives, depending on your strategic goals and requirements:














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How you benefit

With my services, I help you to...

  • strategically align your business in accordance with its strengths and goals;
  • successfully differenciate your products and services from your competitors;
  • improve the perception of your company as a supplier, employer, and business partner of choice;
  • build and expand your company brand;
  • position your brand in the minds of your target customers;
  • increase the effectiveness and impact of your marketing budget;
  • improve the presence and visibility of your company in the market place;
  • present your company consistently at all contact points with your customers;
  • satisfy and retain your existing customers for the long-term;
  • identify and address new customer segments effectively.


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What is Business Development?

Business Development describes the expansion of strategic business activities of a company in order to increase revenue through growth. These activities can include widening of the product portfolio, entering into new markets, or creating new business relationships.

Key drivers of a successful business development are a company's marketing strategy as well as its business model. In addition, an integrated approach to business development acknowledges the fact that every externally focused growth effort of a company inadvertendly also impacts its (internal) cost structure, and therefore has to be taken into consideration as well during the planning process.

In order to create a successful business development strategy, it is therefore necessary to match external growth efforts with corresponding internal company development measures. That way, a company always maintains sufficient levels of competency and capacity along the way.

As such, an integrated business development strategy directly impacts profitability:

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My Services

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I provide marketing and business consulting services for small and medium-sized companies



I support you in the planning and implementation of your company's marketing and bizdev strategy.



I help your company develop new ideas and identify opportunities for business and revenue growth.


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